Support The Next Generation of Musicians

One of the core missions of The Desert Symphony is to introduce young listeners to live music. Through the Children’s Music Discovery Series, performances are presented to the children of the Coachella Valley.  These programs have ranged in size from a string quartet to a wind octet, each under the supervision and presentation of the symphony’s music director.

The Desert Symphony has been proud to encourage young musicians to further their path toward a career in music through scholarships. Many of these young artists have achieved their goals, including Lindsay Deutsch (international violin soloist), Jennifer Frautschi (two-time Grammy Award-nominated violinist), Hahn-Bin aka Amadeus Leopold (international violin soloist), and Elizabeth Pitcairn (international violin soloist and owner of the famous Stradivarius “Red Violin”).

With your support, The Desert Symphony will continue to encourage young lives to pursue a career in music as well as extend our education programs to those in underserved communities.  By donating to The Desert Symphony, you will play an integral role in helping a young artist achieve their dream of one day being a gifted and successful musician.