Friends of Symphony Sammy

Hello everyone…Symphony Sammy here!

Nancy Tapick, my mommy, has asked me to get all of my symphony pals together and ask them if they will support my Symphony Sammy and Friends pages. The pages are part of our season concert program that is distributed at all five Desert Symphony concerts. I love new friends and this year want to invite more super friends.

As The Desert Symphony’s mascot, I am working hard to support the Symphony Sammy and Friends pages, which gives you a 100% tax deduction with each donation of $150.00 or more. Just click here for our online form.  Deadline for submission is October 4, 2024.

So…if you have been a “friend” of mine before, I would love to have you be my friend again this year and of course, I always welcome new friends!

Your dedication to the symphony allows them (the humans) to continue to bring beautiful music to this valley, and to help educate local school children through our Children’s Music Discovery Series.

Hope to hear from you soon! Bye for now and thank you (woof, woof).

Symphony Sammy